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Contact a Leader

All LLL Leaders strive to answer phone messages within 24-48 hours.  If you have left a message and not received a call back, please call again! Sometimes messages get colored on, accidentally deleted by children, or misplaced by a well-meaning partner.  Feel free to call more than one LLL Leader and leave multiple messages or call our message line.  You will get a call back faster that way!

You can also contact a Leader through our private Facebook group *currently paused*.

If you have been helped by an LLL Leader, please consider becoming a member or making a donation to LLL of Whittier & Downey!

​Thank you!

During the Group hiatus, please visit and click on "Find Support" to reach out to another local Leader.  Leaders are available to help from all over Southern California, regardless of where you live.

Contact a Leader: What We Do
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